Axle - 3 Level Kitchen Faucet


Convert your faucet into a revolving pressure washer. Rinse tough gunge and grease with ease. Wash out any filth or dirt with Axle's strong blasting torrent.

  • Increases Pressure: Breaks down the stream to form pressurized jet, creating steady, solid flow that easily cleans muck from dishes, dirt from fruits or vegetables, even stuck hair from your shaver.
  • Move It 360°: Rotates in all directions, giving you a multi-angular cleaning advantage. Blast all the muck and grime while freely swiveling Axle around, upwards, or downwards. 
  • Controllable Stream: Regulate water pressure with its built-in accelerator button. Choose Pulse for low, Shower for normal, and Sprinkler for high pressure.
  • Reduce Splashes: No splish-splash-splosh, Axle runs all the water into a single, even flow, reducing spatters to keep your kitchen drier.
  • Lower Water Bill: Provides a mix of air and water, increasing the pressure, and reducing the amount of water you use. It saves you cost by 20% to 70%. 
  • Install In Seconds: No tools needed, Axle can simply be screwed right on and is suitable for any type of faucet. 
    • Material: BPA Free ABS + Silicone + Stainless steel
    • Size: Approx. Base diameter: 5.3 cm, Length: 8.5 cm
    • Package Includes: Option 1 - 1 x Head, Option 2 - 1 x Head / 1 x Extension, Option 3 - 1 x Head / 1 x Extension / 1 x Adapter