EcoPlug - Power Saver


The EcoPlug is a simple power saver tool that can help you reduce your electricity consumption by up to 30%. Designed for easy operation, it can help you save up on your bill without having to change your consumption habits.


  • Money Saver: When you save and conserve electricity, you inherently save money and the environment. EcoPlug can reduce your monthly bills by up to 30% so you can spend more on your other necessities.
  • Simple Operation: Lessen electricity consumption in an instant after plugging it in. No rewiring needed.
  • Safe: It protects your appliances and wiring circuits from damaging electric surges by normalizing electricity fluctuations.


Our energy-saving device helps you save electricity by utilizing the current fluctuation and converting it to a usable power by acting as a filter and allowing only smooth current to pass through the circuit.

It then uses the capacitor to store the excess current and releases it when there is a sudden drop. Thus, only a smooth current output flows from the device—limiting your consumption to a minimum.

  • Rated Voltage: 90V-250V
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz 
  • Useful Load: 30,000 W
  • Size: 2.75x2.55x4.5 in (7x6.5x11.5 cm)
  • Plug Type: UK/US/EU