Acer - Multifunctional Electric Sharpener

Sharpen your dulled tools like a pro with the Acer Multifunctional Electric Sharpener. Easy to operate and compact, this practical tool is a must-have for every household.

  • High-Quality Materials:  Made from durable, hard plastic, engineered for reliability and your safety, with a base plate for stability. 
  • Adjustable Sharpener:  Suitable for tools of different sizes and shapes, perfect for knives, scissors, drill bits, and straight edge chisels.
  • Portable And Lightweight:  Compact design, easy to store, light enough to bring anywhere. 
  • Easy To Use:  Simply plug the sharpener, turn it on, and place your tool. 
  • Safe And Reliable:  Designed with your safety and convenience in mind so you don't have to fumble with a clunky sharpening grinder wheel.
  • Sharpen Tools Fast:  Sharpen your tools in seconds with its high-speed grinding and sharpener.
  • Easy To Clean And Maintain: After each use, brush away tool grinding particles or you can use compressed air to blow through the housing, then clean the body with a soft, slightly damp cloth. 
  • Dimensions: 220mm x 200mm x 180mm
  • Weight:1.52kg
  • Rated Voltage:110V - 220V/230 - 240V
  • Power:65W / 96W
  • No-Load Speed: 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Diameter Of Grinding Wheel: 56mm
  • Grindable Bit Size: 3-13mm
  • Grindable Tool Width: 6 - 51mm, with width limit; removable width is unlimited
  • Adjustable Tool Head Angle: 15-50 degrees
  • Diamond Grinding Wheel Size:10mm (inner diameter); 49mm (outer diameter)
  • Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Package Includes: 1 x Multifunction Knife Sharpener, 1 x Grinding Wheel, 1 x User Manual